Welcome to our annual Career Event

‘The lawyer of the future: how to contribute to the global challenges with your legal knowledge’

The annual Career Event will take place on March 19th 2020. The Career Event is meant to give an insight into the different possibilities out there for students of international and European law. This is reflected in the variety of people, law firms and organisations that will give lectures and workshops. The day will be opened by a panel and will consist of workshop rounds. 

Other firms that have participated in our Career Event are for instance: International Justice Mission, Mediation  Office,  European Commission and Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Panel 1
Urios is the Utrecht study association for International and European law. The association was founded in 1981 and has about 300 members. The main goal of Urios is to introduce students to International and European law on a more practical level.
The association organizes a variety of symposia, law firm visits and lectures. Every year Urios organizes two excursions abroad, one within Europe and one outside Europe.
Furthermore, Urios publishes its own journal on international and European Law, which is called, ‘Utrecht Journal for International and European Law’ and has its own magazine: Curious!
Last, but certainly not least, is the bi-monthly drink where board, members and friends meet, talk and drink at Café ’t Pandje!
We welcome all students who are interested in international and European Law, and who wish to participate in or organize activities in this field.


Panel 2


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E-mail: urioscareerevent@gmail.com
Telephone: +30 253 7596