Welcome to the website of our annual Career Event

‘The future is calling!’

Our future career is something that goes through everyone’s mind. The range of possibilities within the various industries is huge, that which can make anyone feel overwhelmed. This is why Urios is organizing a Career Event to help you navigate your prospective career.

The Career Event is the place to be for bachelor- and masterstudents alike to look into the possibilities politics, European- and International law have to offer. Unlike a lot of career events, Urios does not only invite law firms but institutions and organizations as well. This way, students are not limited to establish a career in law only. We recognize that supra- and international relations are much broader than that and therefore adapt to the needs of our students. See the program for the attendees this year!

The annual Career Event will take place on March 18th 2021. The Career Event is designed to give an insight into the different possibilities out there for students interested in International and European law and politics. This is reflected in the variety of professionals, law firms and organizations taking part in this event.

The event will start with a panel in which a former UN Legal Adviser will elaborate on their career path after graduating university. Following the panel there will be three to four workshop rounds where students will be able to engage with different experts, who will share the experiences they have encountered throughout their careers. The e-vent will end with optional speeddates with our international oriented firms to get to know them on a more personal level.